GISI Impact Factor (JIF)

The Journal Impact Factor (JIF) displays the typical quantity of citations to articles that have been published in journals, books, patent documents, theses, project reports, newspapers, conference/seminar proceedings, online papers, notes, and other authorized resources. A journal's relative relevance within its area is determined by its JIF. Higher impact factors are regarded as being more significant than lower ones for journals. For journals indexed in Journal Reference Reports (JRR), journal impact factors are calculated monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

GISI is an academic database resource that provides researchers with access to citation analysis, indexing, and database maintenance for hundreds of thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings, and other authorized works. The Web of Journal Knowledge database service provided by GISI offers access to all of these publications. By utilizing this database, researchers can determine the pieces that have been cited the most, who has referenced them, and their Journal Impact Factor (JIF).

GISI releases an annual Journal Reference Report that includes a journal impact factor for each journal it monitors. Journal impact factors have a significant but debatable impact on how much weight journals give to published research records in the scientific community. The GISI tracks over 1000 periodicals, including engineering, management, and scientific journals. Listing in GISI is based on established selection criteria and is a key indicator of the caliber and significance of a publication.

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GISI Impact Factor (JIF)


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